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Just shared a video with http://realplayer.com/ 

This is a video that we shot for ABC. Crew: David Jones, Curt Pair and Ian Tetzner


About this video
"This is one of the many Katie Couric promos we shot for ABC in the 30 minutes we had her. We used the Red Epic for 20 minutes (Stand ups) and Steadicam Ultra for 10 minutes for action shots. This shows what team work and planning can do."

Driving with Bob Bondurant

Bob Bondurant: Racing Down Memory Lane

Bob Bondurant: Racing Down Memory Lane

Opal Images used their Steadicam Ultra Series to shoot racing legend Bob Bondurant and his wife Pat Bondurant at his racing school in Phoenix, Arizona. Bob opened up the museum and drove all the cars in it for us.We were driven  in the Bondurant pick up truck with our Steadicam mount at speeds of 70 miles per hour and above. It was pure fun for any car guy. I hope to do a lot more of this. The camera used was the Red Epic which was great because we could make less passes by reframing in post and still get all the shots we needed. 

David Jones's rules for filming a great interview at a Corporate Event:

1.Get a room to set up in. It solves 100 problems. Make them come to you.
2. Set up in the beginning of your day and funnel clients in at breaks, lunch etc. Make it painless for them. Schedule if possible because they will change times, they will be late, miss flights etc.
3. Have your crew ready to go at a moment’s notice all during the event so you get what you need.
4. Have refreshments for your clients in the room. Happy clients give great interviews (most of the time.)
5. If you have the budget, hire an audio guy with a Boom & Lav for speed “Boom only”as it will make everything go faster.
6. Using a make up artist is always a good idea. If clients do not feel like they look good they will opt out later on you and not volunteer next time.
7. Over book! Some clients will not show and some will be horrible on camera. It's a fact of life.
8. Two cameras will speed up editing and shooting. Shoot the wide and tight at the same time. No retakes that way.
9. If possible, never interview more than one person at a time.
10. Have a good interviewer with great questions.


Bondurant 45th Anniversary

Bondurant 45th Anniversary

Barrow Neurological Institute

Barrow Neurological Institute

MGM Resorts & University of Phoenix Video

MGM Resorts & University of Phoenix Video




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