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A great fishing Story

A few years back I was producing a fishing show, It had a Small budget. So producing meant I was directing doing Audio and running the underwater camera a well. The show was called Fishin’ with the Good ol’ Boys. We were in Mazatlan fishing for Marlin. Our host John Shaw and Jeronimo Jergens were fishing.  It was a three Day trip and we were catching a lot of Marlin and Sail Fish. For example the first Day 10 minutes into fishing we hooked three striped Marlin at the same time! (a triple hook up every fishing shows dream) The host of our show was not used to catching anything bigger that 30lb cat fish or 6 lb Bass. This was very hard work for him to fight a 150-350lb marlin. It’s more like an average of 150lb but that does not make a very good fishing story. So my hosts are working hard to catch these fish. But in their exhaustion they were not talking very much.  So it was my job to get a fishing show so I had to ride them to talk and not just huff and puff.  I became the bad guy. To get even with me, after the first day of fishing they searched the fleet for the biggest fishing pole with 300 lb line and a lead bucket. That’s right as we like to call the the  Ol’ Bucket trick. So they instructed the crew and waited to make their play. Now remember, I had given them a hard time about not talking enough.

It was not until the last day in the afternoon when we had caught more bill fish than we could use in 5 shows, did they spring their trap. I was taking pictures at the front of the boat when the captain yelled, “Fish On!”

So I ran to the back of the boat to start working when Jeronimo suggested, “why not give Dave a chance to fight a fish?” As planned John quickly agreed and also suggested, “let’s see how much talking you can do while you are landing a fish.” Being Competitive.. “ I quickly suggested a lot more than you.”  The game was on!

Boy did I talk, but my biggest mistake was stating they don’t call me “Big Fish Jones” for nothing!

The fight went on for over a half hour, and every time the bucket would get close and with camera’s rolling and newspaper writers on deck, not to mention the hosts’ tossing challenges my way. I had super human strength!

Then the captain would gun the engine and would lose all the line I had just gained. But I kept fighting and declaring how good a fisherman I was. I do not know what happened first, I lost strength or they just couldn’t keep a straight face any longer. They moved to the back of the boat so they could “gaff the fish.” Jeronimo gaffed the bucket in all it’s glory. I was in shock, I had seen lot’s of Marlin caught, but I still had not caught one myself. In the split second before the shock had worn off , the whole crew had climbed to the upper decks. It saved all of their lives. Did I mention that I am 6’5 250 pounds? Yea they would have been toast. My arms were so tired I could not climb the ladder to the upper decks. Needless to say I calmed down, and no blood was shed.

I must state for the record it was a great joke. I personally am not mean enough to do it to someone else, but it was a great joke. I did how ever get the last laugh. I was able to edit it into a show that got the best rating of the entire 10 years the series every time it aired. There was one side effect every time I went into a tackle shop for the years to come, everyone in the store would yell, “ Hey it’s Big fish Jones!”

Fishin' With the Good Ol' Boys, with friends like these who needs enemies?

This is a Clip for the TV show Fishin with the Good Ol' Boys. The show aired for 10 years ( 1987-97 ) in Arizona on KUSK-TV, now known as AZ TV, Channel 45, and CBS. It was also aired all around the west on Indy stations on Barter for a few years. It won it's time slot on Saturday morning Men 18-45. This clip got a 2 rating am Saturday almost every time it aired. This clip is what happens when the Producer (Me) pushes the talent too hard. Believe it or not this, show started as a bet with the station owner. I bet him I could sell all the advertising out for 13 weeks ahead of time if we did the show....Great pitch right? Well, I sold 26 weeks out and I had never produced a TV show in my life. It is wonderful some times when you do not know, what you do not know!. Ok yes it is shot in 3/4 inch but it was a chip Camera a Panasonic 200cle with Samsung wireless' Later in the run of the show we stepped it up to Beta SP and Digital Beta. Honestly, the best shows were on the smallest budgets because we did it for fun, later it was a business. Can you believe I made money fishing? I still smile about that to this day. I even went on to produce two more fishing shows. (MUCH BIGGER BUDGETS) It is how I got my start in production, other wise I would have been a very rich and not as happy sales manager some where else.

Our latest project: Youtube web series

Fishing Arizona with Gary Senft at Saquaro lake in August

R.L. Winston Fly Rods Commercials

1994 I was asked by R.L. Winston fishing rod Company to come up a series of Commercials for their Products. These two from the Series that I wrote and Produced while at JHT Productions

Fishing Shows
I Created and Produced the "American Angler", "Fishin with the Good Ol' Boys" and International Sportsman at the beginning of my career, even a few for others. I love to fish and I had clients who needed targeted Marketing. I created an outdoor block on my Stations and helped others do the same. Please click on the links below to see them and there are MANY more on YOUTUBE.

Fly Fishing the Gunnison River Colorado Part 1

American Angler 37 Episodes

Lake Comadero, Mexico with Bass Master Champion Ken Cook

Big Game Hunting and Fishing

International Sportsman Pilot for ESPN

Tournament Angler in Mazatlan Mexico for the Outdoor Life Channel

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