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CalChoice Intro Video

Breast Cancer Society (Image & Information)

One of many video shot and edited for The Breast Cancer Society. The project was shot in HDXDCAM and edited in Adobe Premiere.

Red Digital Cinema NAB 

Red Co-founder Ted Schilowitz shares highlights of the latest offers from Red Digital Cinema including the long awaited Dragon sensor, adding 6K to the line up. This project was shot at Nab along with 32 other product videos. Crew: David Jones: Camera, Paul Watkins: Audio, Ian Tetzner: AC, Brent Ogden: PA

Sherwin Williams 7 Steps to a Perfect Paint Job (Marketing and Information)

MGM Resorts & University of Phoenix 

I was the Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator on this corporate video for University of Phoenix. The entire project was shot on the Red Epic on location in Las Vegas.

Barrow Neurological Institute (PR/Fund Rising)

This project was shot by David Jones on the Panasonic HDX-900 and produced by Spectrum Video.

Professional Ordnance (Marketing)

This is a project I shot and Produced with the help of Yamil Sued for Professional Ordnance.

Professional Shine Made Easy 15 sec

Opal Images produced a series of videos for Barrett Jackson Car Care products. Camera/Producer David Jones. We produced six how to videos, 1 commercial and many versions of the videos for different uses.

TYR PICO-MV with XFrame (Product Demo)

This is a product demo video shot for TYR by Opal Images Inc. The project was shot on the Sony F-350 HD Xdcam and the the Steadicam Ultra series. Camera/Producer David Jones, Audio Jeff Bulch, and Editing by Robert Troub. This is the kind of video Steadicam was made for. We even put a Go Pro inside the car for good measure.

VMI: How It's Built, Factory Video (Education/Marketing for the Web)

This video was done to show the public how much work goes into building a VMI van. It was shot using Steadicam, Go Pro's, a Dana Dolly, time lapses, and a lot more tricks to add movement and to make the video compelling. It was mostly shot in 24p Sony HD XDCAM. The crew kept a small foot print because we were shooting on an active factory floor. I have worked for VMI many times and my family has owned one for years. I had no idea how much goes into building one. Director of Photography David Jones, AC Jeff Bulch, Lighting Mike Hall of AZ Grip.

Fujinon Cabrio PL Zoom (Product Video)

Fujinon introduces new members to the Fuji Cabrio PL zoom lens family at NAB 2013. In addition to the wildly popular 19-90mm, ENG Style zoom lens, they've added an 85-300 and introduced the 14-28.

Bondurant 45th Anniversary (Meeting Video)

This is a video produced for Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving to show on the big screen at his 45th Celebration. It was shot on the Red Epic in 5K over a period of three days. This is an example of how a high quality job can be done in a short amount of time, two weeks to be exact. The crew was David Jones & Curt Pair.

Dell Corporate Video ( Corporate Image)

Charity Video to fight Cancer ( Corporate Image)

I have done many Hundreds of Videos but this is my favorite.

ESPN Go Army I've Got Skills - UAS Operator Skycam Operator (Web Series/PR)

This is a project Opal Images worked on with P3 for Go Army & ESPN. David Jones was Camera & Steadicam operator. It is always an honor to work with our men in uniform and it can be fun too.

Steve Davis's Fighting Fairlane (Corporate Image)

Video done for Barrett Jackson shot by David Jones of Opal Images Inc. with footage from Speed channel. Producer Dave Jones, Opal Images Inc. and edited by Curt Pair.

Shamrock Farms Tour Video (Tour Video)

Barrett-Jackson Auction Company Orange County Sizzle Reel

This was a video edited to be played on the hotel and venue screens in order to promote the auction in Orange County, California.

Fold up Cart for Video Production

VMI Timelapse (Marketing Video)

This is a time Lapse made with a Go pro mounted to the back of a van at the intake process. At the beginning of the year we shot a how is it made video for VMI. This time lapse was featured in that video. The video shows how the Van is striped down to begin the conversion process it normally takes about 15-20 mins for this to happen far to long for our video so we did a time lapse to give the viewer an idea how much work it takes. This video featured a lot of effects that made it interesting and informational for the viewer.

Marketing Video (Sales and Marketing)

This project is a classic example of a business marketing video. It was filmed on the Panasonic HDX900 and edited on FinalCut Pro. The use of the Dana Dolly on this added a great deal of dimension and movement.

Stanley Gosse (Sales and Marketing)

Artist Video

Blue Cross Blue Shield intro video (Training)

This project was shot on the Panasonic HDX-900 by Dave Jones and produced by Spectrum Video.

Vacora® Biopsy System Procedural Videos Bard Biopsy3 (Doctor Training)

This a video I shot and produced with Rain for Bard Medical.

Ride & Drive 

This is Jane Jones at the Barrett Jackson Ride & Drive Las Vegas 2011. It was shot with GoPro with additional footage shot with HD XDCAM

 Tribute Video ( Image/PR )

This video was an honor to work on Barrett Jackson has made millions of dollars for our Troops. This video was.produced by Opal Images Inc. for Barrett Jackson. David Jones was the DP, editing was done by Curt Pair and additional footage was provided by Speed.

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