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Listed below is a very brief list of our rates. For a compete explanation of all of our rates, please call for quote and break down.

Stand Alone Rates

  • Director of Photography $800 per day
  • Videographer $500 per day
  • Steadicam Operator $700 per day
  • Post Production Supervisor $500 per day
  • High Definition and 4K Package per quote
  • Audio Tech $550 per day
  • Writer TBA
  • Director TBA 
  • Editor TBA



Camera and Crewing Packages

  • High Definition Packages:      
  • Red  4K-8K
  •  Panasonic HDX 900
  •  Sony F-350  & F-800 HD XDCAM, FS-700,  FS7, F-55
  •  C-300 & C-500
  • many others
  • Go Pro HD & 4K Mini Cams for POV and mounted shots.
  • Steadicam Ultra Series Package with or without Ronin mount.


 HD rate per 10 Hour day is $1600.00 which includes…

  • Experienced Operator
  • Audio Tech with audio package
  • Sony HDXDCAM , Panasonic HDX 900
  • 1 Lense
  • Full Arri and Westcott Spider Light Packages, Daylight Flex lights
  • Westcott Soft box Kits
  • Grip package including 2×2 shiny board
    Flags, C-stands , Westcott Scrim Jims
  • Sachtler Tripod
  • High Hat
  • 17 inch Panasonic Monitor
  • Matte box
  • Boom & Mixer
  • 2 wireless Mic’s

*Add a gaffer & truck for an additional $1450.00 per day.

Red Epic & Weapon Packages

All packages are custom call for quote


Hourly rates TBA

Steadicam package $1295.00 per 10 hour day

  • Ultra Series Steadicam
  • Operator
  • Low mode

Steadicam Extras:

  • Wireless follow focus$200 per day
  • Car mount $60 per day
  • Ronin mount

Always call for specials and package prices on your production.

Terms and Conditions

Rates are for a 10-hour day, additional hours will incur over time charges. Tape stock and Media are not included in the day rate. Travel expenses are charged for travel in excess of 50 miles. Travel expenses include, but are not limited to, driving, flight time, airfare, hotels, meals,



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