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Barrett Jackson Life on the block Sample

Barrett Jackson Life on the block Sample
"This is a segment from the TV show Life On the Block which I was the Director of Photography for all 4 seasons.

Bret Micheals

Bret Micheals

Resturant Implossible

 Restaurant Impossible

John Edward Cross Country

John Edward Cross Country

The Biggest Question I get is do you do Reality shows?
To help answer that question I have listed some of the reality shows I have worked on as Camera Operator or Producer.

Barrett Jackson "Life on the Block" for Speed Channel, Director of Photography

CBS Amazing Race, Camera Operator

Trading Spaces, TLC Banyan Productions, Camera Operator & Audio

"Dr Phil" Network, Camera Operator & Audio
"The Natalle Gulbuis Show" Golf Channel, Camera Operator

"Extreme Makeover" ABC

"Ambush Makeover" Fox Banyan Productions, Camera Operator

"A Wedding Story" Banyan Productions, TLC, Camera Operator

"A Makeover Story" Banyan Productions, TLC Camera Operator

"Perfect Proposal" TLC Camera Operator

"John Edwards Cross Country" WE Network,  Director of Photography

"America's Most Wanted" FOX, Camera Operator/Audio/Steadicam

"Flip That House" HGTV, Camera Operator

"Rebel on the Links" Pilot for the Golf Channel, Director of Photography/Producer

"Bret Micheals Life as I know it" VH1, Camera Operator/Steadicam

"Wish Riders" ABC Pilot, Director of Photography/Camera Operator

"Pinks All Out" Speed Channel, Camera Operator

"The Big Break" Golf Channel

"Restaurant Impossible" Food Channel, Camera Operator

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