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Long Form Steadicam Demo

Long Form Steadicam Demo

About this video
"This a compilation of the Steadicam work I have shot and/or produced in the last decade."

These are longer shots to show the Steadicam movement. They are all shot on the Steadicam Ultra or Master series. Shots taken from commercials, movies, TV shows, corporate videos, etc."

Opal Images is equipped with the Steadicam Ultra Series that will handle a 5D up to a Sony F-65. Let us help tell your story with Dramatic movement.

Samples of our Work:

4K Valley Honda Dealer Commercial

Opal Images was hired to do a series of Commercials for Real World Marketing / Honda. We shot on the Red Epic in 5K and all of the driving shots were done with the Steadicam Ultra series.

MGM Resorts & University of Phoenix

I was the Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator on this corporate video for University of Phoenix. The entire project was shot on the Red Epic on location in Las Vegas.


TYR Gunner Pack

This is a great example of how Steadicam can be used to demonstrate the use of a product. This was shot on the Steadicam Ultra series in Sony HD XDCAM.

"This is a long segment shot by David W Jones with the Steadicam Ultra with a F-800 for the TV show Playing lessons on NBC's Golf Channel. It adds a whole new meaning to walking the course."

Texas Tenors Live Show Segment

I ran Steadicam on this Live to Tape show for PBS

Cowboys TV show open shot with Steadicam

This is the open to the TV show, "Cowboys" which aired on the Outdoor Channel for a number of years. This was shot entirely by David Jones in the Arizona desert with the use of the Steadicam Ultra series and Sony HD cameras. The project was directed by Robin Berg, owner of B.E.I productions. The shot was accomplished by mounting the Steadicam on the back of a four wheel drive pickup truck and then driving on a predetermined route with the actors riding their horses by it and behind it.

Bob Bondurant Racing Down Memory Lane.

This Video was shot from the back of a truck speeding down the track at up 70 miles per hours. We used our custom made car mount with a Steadicam Ultra series a long with the Red Epic.

"Opal Images was chosen to shoot a series of image promos for FOX 10. This one is for the night crew, John Hook, Karie Lake and Troy Hayden. The project was shot with the Steadicam Ultra series on RED Epic.This was one of those run and gun as fast as you can because of the talents time table so we shot all shots outside of the studio with Dracast Battery Powered LED lights."

Precision Steadicam Commercial

This is a 30 second local Commercial shot on my Steadicam Ultra Series with a Cannon C-300

Honda CRV

Opal Images was hired to find and shoot all the driving shots with the Steadicam Ultra series. Camera used on the Project was the Red Epic in 5K. 

Opal Images Complete Video Production Phoenix, AZ - ABC 15 Promo

This is a Steadicam project I shot for ABC. Project was done on the Panasonic Vary Cam with the Steadicam Ultra series.

"My Favorite shot is the shot gun blasts right at me!"


This is a project we shot for ABC 15 to promo the Smart Shopper Daphne Munro. It was shot with the Steadicam Ultra series and the Red Epic with the Fujinon 19-90. The project was shot all over town in one day of shooting.


This is one of the many Katie Couric Promos we shoot for ABC in the 30 minutes we had her. We used the Red Epic for 20 minutes (Stand ups) and Steadicam ultra for 10 minutes for action shots. This shows want team work and planning can do.

Steadicam segment from the award winning short film Home Front

This is a rough cut segment from the short film Home Front that I shot with my Steadicam Ultra. The

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