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About Us

Opal Images is a leader in providing RED, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, HD & 4K, Digital Video Production, and Complete video post-production to clients nationwide. Opal Images offers our clients turnkey, state of the art video services. We provide it all, from crewing a job to the final video authored to Broadcast Masters, DVD, Digital or Web.

Located in Arizona - Work Worldwide

Opal images Inc. is located in Mesa, Arizona and we are one of the only companies in the country that offers the very latest in Steadicam and motion equipment.

Thousands of Productions

We have shot and produced thousands of 30 second TV commercials, hundreds of TV shows, and corporate videos with a reputation for quality.

Our biggest asset is that we understand the whole production process and can see the big picture.

We get it done right, on time and on budget!

Opal has a very talented core of the best and easy to work with professionals.

Hosts and Owns YouTube Channels

David Jones Opal Images

My You channel is a collection of Projects I have Produced. TV Shows, Commercials, Corporate Video's and TV stations promos from my Companies. Opal Images, JHT Productions, Doublejay Productions, GOB Productions and Editmax. Travel Programs, Fishing Shows, Company Video and Demos.

How to Fix it yourself with Dave Guggisberg

Mechanic Dave Guggisberg shows how to do it yourself with his series of quality videos on automotive repair

Mysteries of the Superstition Mountains

Join us as we explore the labyrinth of mysteries, legends and just plain good stories about these amazing mountains.

Gun Stock Reviews

Gun Stock Reviews gives you honest reviews and tests on the latest and our favorite products in the shooting world. Hosted Yamil Sued and J. Scott renowned magazine writers and gun enthusiasts.

Fishing Shows Channel

Watch Fishing Shows created by Arizona Production Company Opal Images Inc.. Including "Fishing with Gary Senft", "American Angler" and "Fishin' with the Good Ol' Boys" and more..

Fishin with the good ol' Boys

This the official Page of the Classic TV Fishing show from Arizona "Fishin' with the good Ol' Boys"

American Angler

This is the official Page of the Classic TV Fishing Show American Angler


Opal Images, Inc. has a very talented core of the best and easy to work with professionals.

We look forward to being Creative with you.